Change. My Problem Is a Problem of a Woman

Zmiana. Mój problem jest problemem kobiety
dir. Ewa Partum/Poland/1976/7 min.
Iluzjon, sala Stolica

Ewa Partum is one of Poland’s most prominent conceptual artists from the turn of the 1960s and 70s, and was a forerunner of feminist art in Poland. She has created performances, activities in public space, experimental films, and visual poetry. “My Problem Is a Problem of a Woman”, performance show presented at the ArtForum Gallery, depicts the aging process of half of the artist’s body that goes on simultaneously along with the work of the make-up artists which proceeds as the audience watches. It is accompanied with comments of Valie Export, as well as of the artist herself. Ewa Partum recalls: On the floor I have written: “a male artist has no biography”. However, a female artist has one. It is important if she is young or old.”

References: publication accompanying the exhibition „Ewa Partum. Nothing stops the idea of art” in ms2 in Lodz; Łukasz Ronduda, „Sztuka polska lat 70. Awangarda” (2009)


  • projection time:
    7 min.
  • country/year:
    Poland /1976
  • director:
    Ewa Partum
  • production:
    Ewa Partum

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