Palace for The People

Palace for The People
dir. Georgi Bogdanov, Boris Missirkov/Bulgaria, Germany, Romania/2018/90 min.
Kinoteka, sala 7
Iluzjon, sala Stolica
Iluzjon, sala Mała Czarna
Iluzjon, sala Stolica

”Palace for The People” tells the stories of the most emblematic four buildings of socialist times - highly representative for the epoch and witnessing the historical turbulence in Eastern Europe in the second half of the XX century. The National Palace of Culture in Sofia, the Moscow State University, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade and the Palace of the Republic in Berlin are unique architectural creatures made with a lot of courage and even a touch of madness to remind the people that once there used to be ultimate power and visions of a brighter future. Each building is considered to be the best In its category: the tallest, the largest, has the biggest clock on Earth, or the most advanced technology of its time. These were the most grandiose enterprises in a time when collective good was the major state policy. Now that socialism is over, it's time to go back and reveal their hidden secrets. The film takes a snapshot of these past palaces as they are today, as seen through the eyes of people related to them – their architects, former and current directors, as well as ordinary people who worked in them.


  • projection time:
    90 min.
  • country/year:
    Bulgaria, Germany, Romania /2018
  • director:
    Georgi Bogdanov Boris Missirkov
  • pictures:
    Boris Missirkow, Georgi Bogdanow
  • production:
    Martichka Bozhilova/AGITPROP, Thomas Tielsch /Filmtank gmbh, Velvet Moraru/ICON Production
  • awards :
    2018 – DOK Leipzig

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