Discussion: Coaching as a life experience after the only screening of “Now Something is Slowly Changing”
Cityprojections film series after the screening of “Bauhaus Spirit”
Screening of “Srbenka” and discussion with director Nebojša Slijepčević
Discussion with Michał Wroczyński: Living with robots: artificial intelligence, real dilemmas after the screening of “Hi, A.I.”
Debate: Are honest economics possible in our times? after the only screening of “The Panama Papers”
Discussion with alpine expedition leader Jakub Urbański: How do you survive that? after the screening of “The Last Mountain”
Discussion with beekeeper Mieczysław Białobrzeski: Who can keep bees? after the screening of “Honeyland”
Discussion with film critic Michał Oleszczyk, author of a study of Pauline Kael after the screening of “What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael”
Debate: What’s so good about being a citizen of Europe? after the screening of “Citizen Europe”
Screening of “Transnistra” and discussion with director Anna Eborn
Screening of “Symphony of the Ursus Factory” and discussion with director Jaśmina Wójcik
Discussion: How to travel without harming the world or people after the screening of “Far. The Story of a Journey around the World”
Film Therapy: Love in the time of Tinder. Is it possible to be in several relationships at the same time? after the screening of "Anders, Me and His 23 Other Women”
Discussion with author Natalia Fiedorczuk-Cieślak: What do women want? after the screening of “#Female Pleasure”
Debate: Will humans destroy life on Earth? Can our planet still be saved? after the screening of “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch”