Debate: The things models do not tell us about

Sunday 12th May | 6:00 p.m. | | Iluzjon Stolica
Debate: The things models do not tell us about after the screening of "The Disappearance Of My Mother" by Beniamino Barrese
In Polish only
Partner: Vogue Poland

Was fashion hurting women by its decades of imposing a masculine perspective and encouraging them to become decorations or supporting characters? Why did we go along with this for so long? We tend to say fashion is timeless and doesn’t discriminate – but is that really the case? Why do fashion posters almost exclusively feature youthful faces, then?

Piotr Zachara – journalist and editor with two decades of experience. Contributor of Vogue Poland, former editor-in-chief of Twój Styl Trendy and the Polish edition of InStyle. Fascinated by the intersection of literature, art, film, and fashion, Zachara is a monthly columnist with Harvard Business Review add-on Ego and with Harper’s Bazaar.