ISIS, Tomorrow. The Lost Souls of Mosul

ISIS, Tomorrow. The Lost Souls of Mosul
dir. Francesca Mannocchi, Alessio Romenzi/Italy/2018/80 min.
Muranów, Gerard
Kinoteka, sala 2
Kinoteka, sala 3
Kinoteka, sala 3

In wars it is not uncommon for the defeated to bury their weapons before retreating, hiding arsenals waiting for better times. The weapons that ISIS has left in inheritance for the future are hundreds of thousands of children educated in violence and martyrdom. In ISIS’ ideology children are the most effective weapon to bring into the future the idea of a great universal Caliphate: successors of one goal, creating a world divided in half, on the one the Jihadists and on the other the infidels to be exterminated.

500 000 minors lived in Mosul alone, during the three-year occupation of the Islamic State. ”ISIS, Tomorrow” traces the months of war through the voices of children rained to become suicide bombers, but also of their victims and those who fought against them. Today, fighters’ descendants are children who bear the burden of having been educated to kill their neighbours and to make the ideology survive so that it can be reborn from the ashes of the fathers. ”ISIS, Tomorrow” follows the destiny of the surviving families of the fighters in the complexity of the post-war period, a post-war time of marginalisation and stigma, in which battle blood leaves room for daily revenge and retaliation, for violence as the only response to violence.


  • projection time:
    80 min.
  • country/year:
    Italy /2018
  • director:
    Francesca Mannocchi Alessio Romenzi
  • pictures:
    Alessio Romenzi, Francesca Mannocchi
  • production:
    Gabriele Immirzi, Martina Haubrich, Lorenzo GangarossaProdukcja / FremantleMedia Italia, Wildside, CALA Filmproduktion
  • awards :
    2018 – Venice IFF

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