co-director of the film "Land without God". Maedhbh Mc Mahon is an artist, scenographer and costume designer. She studied documentary film at the London Filmmakers Co-Operative and Westminster College. McMahon worked in the costume department on films such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, James Bond, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Troy and many others. In 2005 she completed an MA in St Martins London on the Magdalene Laundry institutions. McMahon joined Farcry Productions in 2006 and has been a partner in its art practice and cultural output since then. Exhibitions include Amygdala solo show at the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery, Forsaken exhibition Dollard House. Mc Mahon is currently working on a textile project on the 100-year history of child abuse in the Artane Boys Band, one of Ireland's most notorious Industrial Schools.