Discussion: Traveling on a budget - is it still possible?

Saturday 11th May | 3:30 p.m.
Discussion: Traveling on a budget - is it still possible? after the screening of "Far. The Story of a Journey around the World" by Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser
In Polish only
Partner: National Geographic Poland

Is cheap travel still possible? Martyna Wasilewska and Michał Cessanis will share their tips for traveling on a budget, recall the adventures they’ve had during their solo journeys, and try to prove that it’s still possible to travel for less. Where do we find a cheap place for the night? How do we arrange transportation at our destination? And – most importantly – how do we fly halfway around the world on a budget? Our experts from National Geographic Traveler will answer all of these travel-related questions and probably many more.

Michał Cessanis – deputy editor of the National Geographic Traveler magazine, creator of the TV travel show 48 Hours on Dzień Dobry TVN. His books Opowieści z pięciu stron świata [Tales from the Five Parts of the World] and Made in China were published by National Geographic. Permanently in transit.

Martyna Wasilewska – image strategist at National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler. She travels the world at her own pace, alone or with a friend.