Discussion: Jogging as a form of meditation

Sunday 19th May | 6:00 p.m. | Luna B
Discussion: Jogging as a form of meditation after the screening of "3100: Run and Become” by Sanjay Rawal
In Polish only
Partner: KS Staszewscy

All runners and those who’d like to start running are welcome to join us and learn how not to run and what’s worth doing. We’re going to find out what “smart jogging” means. Our guest will attempt to explain and expound upon his motto: “Never drop out of the race”.

Wojciech Staszewski – Gazeta Wyborcza journalist, co-creator of the Polska Biega [Poland Runs] project. Staszewski is an ultra runner with over 60 marathons under his belt. He also runs the StaszewskiBiega.pl blog and the family business KS Staszewscy.  Staszewski and his wife Kinga, a fitness coach, train runners and organize mountain running camps.