dir. Karen Winther/Norway, Sweden, Germany/2018/80 min.
Gdyńskie Centrum Filmowe, sala Goplana

In “Exit“, we meet Angela from the US and Ingo and Manuel – both from Germany, all former right-wing extremists who made the leap to leave their movement. They are now forced to live isolated lives in hiding due to their dangerous pasts. In Denmark, we explore the other side of the spectrum, when Søren shares the story of his life as a former left-wing extremist. Director Karen Winther also meets Frenchman David, who was active in the Armed Islamic Group and who has served 6 years in prison due to terrorist activities.

Reflecting on her very own extremist past and the stories of the people she meets along her travels, Winther leads us through how she arrived at her own „wake-up call“ and the extraordinary journey that followed. We are invited to join her on a radical discovery and gain an insight into what it really takes for individuals to break out of their life as they know it and leave their extreme movement behind.


  • projection time:
    80 min.
  • country/year:
    Norway, Sweden, Germany /2018
  • director:
    Karen Winther
  • pictures:
    Peter Ask
  • production:
    Eirin Gjørv / Sant & Usant AS
  • awards :
    2018 – DOK Leipzig, 2018 – CPX:DOX Copenhagen

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