Debates, concerts and meetings with special guests

Just as every year, as a part of the Documentary Academy, additional events which are closely linked to the film programme will take place. They are organised together with the largest NGOs, institutions and the media partners. The Documentary Academy is also about a programme for different groups of spectators, including children and seniors.

Eminent guests will come to meet the audience. Among them, there will be: Rob Miller, Henry Singer (co-directors and co-producers of the film "The Trial of Ratko Mladic”), Alan Tieger, who acted as the prosecutor during the trial, Witalij Manski ("Putina's Witnesses", "Under the Sun"), Roberto Minervini ("What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire", "The Other Side"), Mads Brügger ("Cold Case Hammarskjöld", "The Ambassador"), André Singer (co-director of "Meeting Gorbachev"), Janus Metz,  the director of the film "Heartbound" and the famous "Armadillo".

16. Millenium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival will be held from 10th to 19th May in Warsaw, Wrocław and Lublin, from 15th to 24th May in Gdynia and from 12th to 19th May in Katowice. A local edition of the festival will be held in Bydgoszcz too, from 11th to 18th May.