Concert: Antoha MC for the second time in Poland

Sunday 19th May | 9:30 p.m. | Kulturalna
Second concert: Antoha MC in reference to the screening of "Transnistra"
Tickets: 40 PLN

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Somewhere in Moscow there is a block of flats and in it, together with his parents and girlfriend, lives Anton Kuznetsov. In the apartment there is a room where Anton records his music. Anton is also known as Antoha MC. Additionally, Anton has also millions of views on his online videos, hundreds of thousands of fans and is one of the biggest emerging stars on the Russian music scene. It is not easy to write about this young artist – it is far easier to listen to him. His repertoire is hard to classify. It could be assigned to the popular DIY movement in Russian music, where art does not belong in galleries or is not manu factured in recording studios, but rather is born in the streets, garages and basements. We could also try and use the plethora of music genres to try and describe him – from hip-hop, through dance beats intertwined with jazz, to searching for inspiration in Russian melodies from decades ago or to the sounds of Jamaica. We could try to fill in a pigeonhole after a pigeonhole, but in the very moment when we might think that we have seen through Anton’s antics, he will pull out a trumpet and perform a variation which will evade our need to musically catalogue him. His artistic work is filled with the need to transmit certain emotions: love, friendship or carefree joy and happiness. The aforementioned medley of styles and genres all lead to achieving this goal. One of his songs musically concludes the film “Transnistra” which is in the Main Competition for the Millennium Bank Award. A group of young people spend their last summer together. Some of them dream about leaving their motherland, which happens to be Transnistria, a disputed and not recognized republic in Moldavia. Antoha MC’s music in a poetic way becomes a counterpoint to the desperate urge of wanting to be somewhere else, enabling us to look more emphatically at the protagonists and understand their bonds. Antoha MC will perform for the second time in Poland on 19th May at the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival in Kulturalna.