Discussion: The Ferrante Phenomenon
Debate: How to live with robots. Artificial intelligence, real dilemmas
Breakfast and discussion: Healthy food, strong bonds. How to start a cooperative
Discussion: Traveling on a budget - is it still possible?
Debate: Why are we radicalizing? The roots of extremist groups
Discussion: The Revolutionary Spirit of Bauhaus
Discussion with Letizia Battaglia and Roberto Timperi
Discussion: Seeking Maya Deren. Preview of the Avant-garde Film Academy
Debate: The national hero is a war criminal. How to fight impunity?
Debate: The things models do not tell us about
Discussion within the “We Are All Photographers” project: Facts and myths. The
Debate: A decade of hopelessness. From empty shelves to the Round Table
Debate: Will we all end up in slums?
Meeting with Benedetta Barzini and Beniamino Baresse
Debate: Love in the time of Tinder. Is it possible to have several relationships at once?
Discussion: Is investigative journalism possible today?
Meeting for senior citizens: Sure, one can live without a dog, but is it worth it?
Discussion: Should six months of Erasmus be compulsory for all Europeans?
Meeting and workshop: Conversations between dogs and humans. Exercises in
Debate: Will humans destroy life on Earth? Can our planet still be saved?
Discussion for parents: Why do teenagers tell their secrets on the Internet?
Discussion: Can art change the understanding of the world and break social taboos?
Debate: Why doesn’t anyone ever ask me if there was love in the ghetto?
Discussion: How to become a scientist and work to save the planet
Discussion for schools: Where will artificial intelligence lead us?
Discussion for schools: What happened in Poland in ‘89?
Debate: Do women make different films than men? The situation of women in the industry and on the screen
Discussion: Jogging as a form of meditation