Meeting and workshop: Conversations between dogs and humans. Exercises in

Saturday 18th May | 12:00 p.m. | barStudio
Meeting and workshop: Conversations between dogs and humans. Exercises in communication skills with reference to “Buddy” by Heddy Honigmann 
In Polish only

A workshop for dogs and their people. What does the world look like to a dog? What do our four-legged friends need for us and what can we give them? How to speak to dogs and read their body language? We’ll try to answer all these questions and more, segueing into “Fully With the Dog” - a unique opportunity to clearly see how our actions impact our dogs. The workshop will help us understand how small changes in our behavior can improve the relationship with our dogs and make them happier. The trainers will also show the power of canine sense of smell during a demonstration of scentwork training.

Dorota Sumińska – journalist, zoopsychologist, veterinarian. Her books include Szczęśliwy pies [A Happy Dog], Co warto wiedzieć o psie [Things Worth Knowing About Dogs], and Dlaczego hipopotam jest gruby? Sekrety nie tylko świata zwierząt [Why is the Hippo Fat? Secrets of the animal world and more]. Sumińska created and hosted a number of TV and radio shows about animal welfare.

Beata Krupianik – founder and chairwoman of the KARUNA Foundation – People for Animals. Former co-chair of the Supreme Audit Office’s animal welfare board. Founder and author of “Spaying Homelessness”, a nationwide initiative combating pet homelessness.

Kasia Patej ( and Ania Gadomska ( – experienced dog therapists and canine communication specialists, they educate and advise owners on raising dogs right and building interspecies harmony. The tagline of their joint workshop reads “Fully With the Dog”.