Discussion: The Revolutionary Spirit of Bauhaus

Saturday 11th May | 4:30 p.m. | Iluzjon Stolica
Discussion: The Revolutionary Spirit of Bauhaus after the screening of “Bauhaus Spirit” by Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch
In Polish only
Partner: Warsaw Under Construction

“Do we want to design the environment or redesign the world from the ground up?” This is the question Xanti Schawinsky – an artist associated with the abovementioned school of design – asks at the beginning of the movie. Building upon the themes of the movie, we’re going to explore the sociopolitical mission of Bauhaus: from its early days influenced by Expressionism and harkening back to the craft guilds of the Middle Ages, to the later search for renewal in education, architecture, and design. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Bauhaus; we will try to come up with ways to discuss this 20th century avant-garde movement without making it a closed chapter of art history, while allowing it to keep showing its revolutionary potential.

Aleksandra Kędziorek – historian of art and architecture, museum curator. Formerly associated with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Bęc Zmiana Foundation, and Museum of Architecture in Wrocław. Her exhibitions and architectural education programs had been featured in a number of institutions worldwide, including La Loge in Brussels, Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau, or Stockholm’s Index Gallery.