OKI DOKI “Cosmos” kids’ film block followed by a chat with a film educator

Sunday 12th May | 11:00 a.m.
Screening of “Children of the Universe” (dir. Camille Budin ) from the OKI DOKI “Cosmos” kids’ film block, followed by a chat with a film educator (for children 9 years and up)
Films with Polish voice-overs and English subtitles 
Chat in Polish only
Partner: Przemiany Festival

How can we make ourselves understood while telling young people about a thing as vast and complex as the universe? We’re going to show you that learning can be an adventure for students and teachers alike: the audience will join us in a discussion about stars and galaxies. You’ll see how engaging it is to discover how the secrets of the universe relate to our daily lives – it can be really fun! 

Justyna Średzińska – research astrophysicist at the European Space Education Resource Office partnered with the Copernicus Science Centre in Poland. Combines a passion for nighttime stargazing with painting and photographing extreme weather phenomena, e.g. lightning.