Screening of films from the OKI DOKI “Family Matters” kids’ film block followed by a chat with an educator

Sunday 19th May | 11:00 a.m.
Iluzjon Mała CzarnaScreening of films from the OKI DOKI “Family Matters” kids’ film block: “Dancing for You” (dir. Katarzyna Lesisz) and “Outside In” (dir. Els van Driel), followed by a chat with an educator (children 9 years and up) + workshop How to make your own film review with Tik Tok 
Films with Polish voice-over and English subtitles
Chat in Polish only
Partner: Center for Citizenship Education

Parents can be difficult, too… The number of children living in broken homes is growing – their parents divorce or leave to work abroad. What do kids feel when this happens? What issues do they struggle with? How can they regain balance in a brand-new living situation and family setting? We’ll discuss all this and more after the screenings. 

Robert Pruszczyński – film educator at the Center for Citizenship Education, coordinator of the Filmoteka Szkolna. Akcja! [School Library of Film. Action!] project.

Workshop: Movie reviews with Tik Tok
How can you create your very own film review? You only need opinions, creativity, and a smartphone. We’ll check how Instagram, Tik Tok, and other apps work out for this task.

Kaja Klimek – translator, film educator, pop culture writer, host of the Against Gravity Documentary Academy in Warsaw.