Discussion: Can art change the understanding of the world and break social taboos?

Sunday, 19th May | 2:00 PM | Iluzjon Stolica
Discussion: Can art change the understanding of the world and break social taboos? after the screenings of “America is Not Ready For This” (dir. Karol Radziszewski ) and video art films “Consumer Art” (dir. Natalia LL) and “Change. My Problem is a Problem of a Woman” (dir. Ewa Partum)
In Polish and English
Partners: the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Polish artist Natalia LL’s stay in the US on a scholarship in 1977 serves as the starting point of Karol Radziszewski’s cinematic investigation America is Not Ready for This. Radziszewski interviewed Marina Abramović, Warhol muse Mario Montez, and others in an attempt to determine whether America was ready for the Polish artist, now one of Poland’s most important female creators. What’s the situation of female artists nowadays and what was it like before? What is the role of works that topple social taboos and prejudices? Why should we reach for the heritage of avant-garde artists, both female and male? The discussion will launch the Avant-Garde Film Academy’s yearly series of educational events organized by the Okonakino Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, open to UW and ASP students as well as to the general public.

Karol Radziszewski – interdisciplinary artist, publisher and editor-in-chief of DIK Fagazine, creator of the Queer Archives Institute. Recipient of the 2009 Passport of Polityka award. Radziszewski’s works were shown in renowned museums and galleries in Poland and abroad, including the Viennesse Kunsthalle, the New Museum in New York, Whitechapel Gallery in London, VideoBrasil in Sao Paulo, and the Cobra Museum in Amsterdam.

Gabriela Sitek – graduate student at the Jagiellonian University’s Institute of Audiovisual Arts; her thesis is on found-footage movies. Her joint project with the Okonakino Foundation and Paulina Haratyk is a series of screenings and discussions within the Found Footage: Reviving the Archives project. Sitek is currently managing the Avant-Garde Film Academy initiative.