dir. Ben Asamoah/Belgium, The Netherlands/2018/81 min.
Kino Orzeł

There's a treasure trove of information to be found in the poisonous e-waste in Ghana. It's a relatively simple matter to open up hard drives and gain access to photos and the personal details of their former owners. Equipped with a name and address, almost anybody can be found online. The film follows young mother Ama who tries to become an internet con artist but she doesn't appear to have much of a knack for it. She looks in astonishment at an American street that she has conjured up on Google and wonders if she will able to scam a man. One Dollar, on the other hand, knows how to use his fake account to drive men crazy: they fall for the photo of a buxom woman - and his high-pitched voice.

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  • projection time:
    81 min.
  • country/year:
    Belgium, The Netherlands /2018
  • director:
    Ben Asamoah
  • pictures:
    Jonathan Wannyn
  • production:
    Peter Krüger, Pieter van Hystee / Inti Film, Pieter van Hystee Films
  • awards :

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