What Kind of Animal Is Wrocław? – discussion after the film “Diagnosis”

Sunday, May 12th|4:00 p.m.|DCF: Lwów screening room

Which animal is Wrocław? – discussion after the screening of Diagnosis  by Ewa Podgórska

In Polish only
Partner: MIASTOmovie

Residents of Lodz have undergone sessions on a couch answering unusual questions such as: “Which animal represents our city?” or “What is its shape and colour?”. Let us now imagine that Wrocław dwellers are subjected to a similar procedure. How would they answer, if asked about the emotions the city they live in inspires in them? What factors shape our perception of Lower Silesia’s capital and the space within it? Psychologists point out that our principal behavioural patterns are shaped inside the family household. Is that also true of our native cities? Does Wrocław influence its inhabitants and make them different from the natives of Poznań, Gdansk or Lodz?  After the screening of Diagnosis, together with our guests and the audience we will try and diagnose Wrocław.

Our guests:       
Mateusz Błaszczyk, sociologist of culture and the city   
Michał Dębek, urban planner and psychologist, researcher of the urban space

Lech Moliński, curator at the MIASTOmovie Urban and Architectural Films Festival