Good Old Wrocław Hate – meeting after the film “The Brink”

Saturday 11th of May | 4:00 p.m. | DCF, Warszawa screening room

Good Old Wrocław Hate  meeting after the film “The Brink” by Alison Klayman

In Polish only

Steve Bannon is the man who put Donald Trump in the White House. He acted as chief strategist during his campaign, and later became a powerful advisor, and one of the most influential members of the presidential administration. He enjoyed, at the same time, the support of the most extreme right-wing voters. He is one of the leaders of the alt-right movement, i.e. the alternative right opposed to modernity and immigration, despising the weak, worshiping manliness, believing in club law, and promoting “white nationalism”.

After the screening we will reflect on how a person like that could ever have risen to power, and onvwhy movements akin to his are thriving in Wrocław. How to oppose them? How to prevent hate from spreading?

Our guest:        
Bartłomiej Ciążyński, City of Wrocław president’s volunteer advisor for tolerance and prevention of xenophobia.

Magda Piekarska, journalist with Gazeta Wyborcza