City Docs: discussion after the film “Citizen Europe”

Thursday 16th of May | 6:30 p.m. |DCF: Lalka screening room            
City Docs: discussion after the screening of "Citizen Europe" by Aggeliki Aristomenopoulou and Andreas Apostolidis

Language: Polish

Partner: City Docs

During this festival special by City Docs, we will talk about the future of Europe. After years of integration and extension of the EU, the European community now faces some tough challenges. While most Europeans still support the concept of EU, Brexit and immigration-related issues have filled the public debate with anxiety concerning not just the current form of the union, but even its very existence. At the same time, the visions of future Europe vary substantially even between EU supporters. On the occasion of the screening of Citizen Europe we are inviting you to join the discussion about the European challenges that we will have to face.