Documental Academy OKI DOKI: screening of films for children from the I Like Helping Others section (“Hello Salaam” and “Bachir w krainie czarów”)

Saturday, May 18th | 11:00 a.m. | DCF: Lwów screening room

OKI DOKI ACADEMY OF DOCUMENTARY CINEMA. Screenings of children’s films within the I Like Helping section: Hello! Salaam! by Kim Brand, and Bachir in Wonderland by Els Duran and Evelien Vehof

In Polish only

Duration: 90 mins.

Partner: Academy of Documentary Cinema

There are quite many children in the world who have lost their homes. Until not long ago their life was different but now they have to stay at refugee camps. Their skin is often of different colour, and they usually speak a different language, but with a bit of imagination you can communicate or even play and have fun together!

The films in this section are meant to encourage discussion about the wide phenomenon of migration. How should one act when coming across immigrant children? Is there a way to help them?

Screenings of documentary films are a window to the world for young viewers: they surprise, move, sometimes inspire dissent. OKI DOKI focuses on taking care of those reactions and allowing them to become a lesson in empathy, tolerance and general knowledge of the world. The chats about the films themselves and the problems they portray will be conducted by Anna Olszewska-Konopa, psychologist, systemic therapist and film therapist, in her private life: mom of three frolicsome kids.