The director of " Symphony of the Ursus factory". Artivist, visual artist, director, academic and pre-school teacher. Since 2011, author and initiator of a multidisciplinary operations on the border of art and social activism with the former workers of the Ursus tractor factory including i.a. site-specific activities in the public space, social and artistic actions, performance, happenings, independent films and the full- length creative documentary Symphony of The Ursus Factory (Film Award, The Polish Film Institute, Museum of Modern Art and Wajda School Film). She invites the Ursus district residents and other people of Warsaw to the post-industrial grounds and integrated them around the district history as well as the future of this post-industrial area. She believes that art actively changes the city and it can activate the memory of place and help build its identity. She thinks it is essential that artists take responsibility for their surroundings. She is involved with including and restoring the subjectivity of communities deprived of visibility and their own voice. She is engaged in alternative education through developing original practices of artistic expression for children. In parallel, in her artistic practice she tries to be open to institutions of culture and art as well as to interactions with their visitors (as co-creators and partners in dialogue).