Workshop: Memory Exercises after the screening of “Memory Games”

Friday, May 17 | 5:30PM | GCF, Goplana screening room

Workshop: Memory Exercises after the screening of “Memory Games” by Janet Tobias and Claus Wehlisch

In Polish only

Partner: Best Brain – Boral Bros

45 minutes of creative play with Bartłomiej Boral, Poland’s first representative at the World Memory Championships, will demonstrate the memorization abilities of a trained brain. We’re also going to test the audience’s memorization potential, as well as learn to improve our data retention skills using the imagination, space, and the toolkit of memory champions. You’ll see how easy it is to memorize a 15-digit number or other complex data! The moderator will also demonstrate daily memory exercises.

Bartłomiej Boral - Poland’s first-ever representative to the World Memory Championships (Canton, China 2011), multiple memory champion of Poland, the author of “Techniki zapamiętywania” [“The Techniques of Memorization”], finalist of The Brain. The brilliant founder of Best Brain, a school of mental development, Boral only needs a minute to memorize a 80-digit number or the order of a list of 40 random words.